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Founded in 2004, Guangzhou, JiDragon Cosmetics Co.,Ltd is now one of the famous manufacturers of semi-permanent and permanent makeup machines, digital micropigmentation systems, permanent makeup micropigments and permanent makeup accessories.from the very beginning With 4 technicians, 4 QC and 60 workers work in the factory now. Since the very beginning, JiDragon Cosmetics Co.,Ltd has been focusing on saving women from the time-consuming regimen of enhancing their beauty. JiDragon's approach combines 5000 years of Asian makeup techniques with modern technology to create the finest permanent and semi-permanent makeup products available today.JiDragon stresses ongoing research and development, center on new techniques, chemistry and technology to manufacture the best products, service in the permanent and semi-permanent make up industry. JiDragon updates our permanent make up machine, needle and digital micropigmentation every year. JiDragon products are now sold in more than 20 countries and territories worldwide.With JiDragon, you can wake up with Makeup


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ISO9001 ISO9001 Guangdong Quality Testing CTC Certification CO.,Ltd production and service of Beuty modification Device(Lip stick.lip gross,mascara,eyebrow pen,body color stick,lip balm,eyeliner) 2016-12-25 ~ 2019-12-24


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Guangzhou Jidragon Tattoo Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

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主营产品:Permanent Makeup Machine, Digital Micropigmentation Systems, Permanent Makeup Cartridge Needle, Micro-needle Machine, Permanent Makeup Micropigments

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