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Exceeding Expectations with Best Hydrated Lime Production in MP.
Ravindra Lime Industries is a nationally acclaimed lime manufacturer with a prolonged exposure of 25 years in this segment. Our enormous experience in producing best quality hydrated lime has provided us a national recognition based upon which we are a frontline company today manufacturing best hydrated lime in India. We are a profound supplier of finest hydrated lime in Madhya Pradesh and are a listed provider of top grade hydrated lime in Rajasthan.
We possess a vast product range which goes on to address the needs of different industries.

How Hydrated Lime is produced:
We at Ravindra Lime Industries adhere to stringent quality parameters when producing hydrated lime. Our process of production is elaborate and well up to world benchmarks in hydrated lime manufacture. Chemically known as Calcium Hydroxide, hydrated lime is obtained in its purest form after intense abatement of water with quicklime to acquire it in dry powder. The surplus abating water gets evaporated using released heat of earlier reaction. Highly pure hydrated lime is identified by its chemical formula Ca (Oh)2. 

Why Hydrated Lime is so significant:
Hydrated lime is a prime component in industrial use. This is highly in demand being a main product in Food, Fertilizer, Refining, Petro, Leather, etc industries. In addition to these, our hydrated lime is supplied in large quantities to many other industries too some of which are paper, pharmaceutical, paints, water treatment, cement, steel, aluminium and sugar.
Some of the common uses of hydrated lime in industries are as under. It is:
- Used for preparing mortar and plaster.
- A profound product for whitewashing and producing whitewashing material.
- A vital role as an acid normalizer when manufacturing metals.
- An important element in water processing.
-  Also used in sugar industries to draw out sugar from sugarcane.

Factors that make Our Hydrated Lime best amongst others:
There is a special mention of Ravindra Lime Industries’ pure Hydrated Lime in the market. With our observance to quality standards and knack for purity, our high grade hydrated lime, with a purity grade above 90%, is many times value yielding and beneficial than its lower grade variants.
Some remarkable attributes of our hydrated lime are mentioned here under:
- Understandably, hydrated lime with a purity grade of <90% will require less consumption for every 1 metric ton. This is better by .378 metric ton against the hydrated lime having 65% purity.
-  Such high purity grade simply means quicker reaction time, thus pacifying other processes in the industries. Manufacturing units are at an upper edge when reaction time is so low.
-  Reduced consumption implies less logistics thereby leading to reduced requirements of labour cost, handling expenses, limited storage space and minimal disposal.
-  Industries save a substantial amount of transportation cost because when transporting our 90% pure hydrated lime, they only have to pay for 10% impure material.