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Welcome to UHN Shanghai R&D Co. Ltd. (UHN Shanghai), a
WOFE owned by University Health Network of Toronto,Ontario,Canada (UHN
Toronto). UHN Shanghai was founded by bioorganic chemical,
pharmaceutical and biological veterans from Canada and China in 2006. 
Our mission is to provide high quality, innovative products and
Chemistry custom service to our valuable clients who range from academic
institutes to private organizations.


UHN Shanghai headquartered at Zhangjiang High-Tech Park in Pudong
District, a major biomedical research and development area, with 2,000
sq ft chemistry laboratories and pilot plant, UHN Shanghai also has
offices in Toronto, Canada, at University Health Network(UHN), the
largest research hospital in Canada and fully affiliated with the
University of Toronto. UHN includes three hospitals (Princess Margaret
Hospital, Toronto General Hospital, and Toronto Western Hospital) and 5
Research Institutes (Ontario Cancer Institute, Campbell Family Institute
for Cancer Research, Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer
Research, Toronto General Research Institute, and Toronto Western
Research Institute). There are more than 2000 research staff working
including trainees and research spending exceeds $200M. UHN Shanghai is a
wholly-owned subsidiary of UHN.

UHN Shanghai offers advanced chemical reagents and pharmaceutical
intermediates to worldwide pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical
industries for their research & development. Our products are
focused on novel with drug-like properties, hundreds of molecules are
added to our catalog every month and the search engine is updated


UHN Shanghai is also dedicated to providing our clients with high
quality, fast, and cost-effective services in custom synthesis (>95%
purity, mg, gram, kg scale) which can include reference compound
synthesis, building block synthesis, scaffold synthesis, combinatorial
library synthesis, key and advanced intermediates synthesis, target
synthesis, high-throughput synthesis and purification, and small
molecular drug discovery.